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HDMI Cable

HDMI Cable,HDMI Kable,HDMI Adapter
This HDMI cable is suitable for various types of HDTV, HD DV, HD set-top boxes, Blu-ray HD DVD, HD camcorders, game consoles with HDMI and A-type HDMI interfaces.

The HDMI cable is absolutely strong, and if a new combination digital interface is added to the entry-level DVD player, the entry-level DVD player can have a bargaining chip that can compete with the mid-level player in terms of picture quality. In addition to using high-clear HDMI, the chromatic aberration output of the fuselage can correspond to 720p or 1080I in terms of picture quality, but the chromatic aberration output pays attention to the quality of the line, and the requirements of HDMI are not as high as the chromatic aberration, and the effect of the expensive line and the ordinary line is not It’s too obvious (the cheapest HDMI cable on the market now is around 70 yuan and has a shielded magnetic ring). The important point is that compared to the DVI interface, the distance between the signal source and the receiving end cannot exceed 15 meters.

The biggest advantage of the HDMI cable is that it can not only transmit all digital video signals without compression, but also support digital audio transmission. With only one HDMI cable connected to the plasma, you can enjoy clear and detailed pictures and transparent three-dimensional images at the same time. sound. However, only a few models launched by manufacturers support this method, and the cost of this player is relatively high.

Custom HDMI Cable, Type A Port, 3ft 10ft 15ft 20ft

Custom HDMI Cable, Type A Port, 3ft 10ft 15ft 20ft

This type of High Speed HDMI Cable can be widely use for computer, laptop, PS3, Top-box, HDTV, LCD, DVD, Displayer, projector device with HDMI type A interface.

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