M12 connector

M12 Connector, M12 Circular Connectors, M12 Sensor Connector
FLECONN, as a professional m12 connector supplier, could supply IP67 / IP68 waterproof 3 pin 4 pin 5 contacts 6 positions 8 pin 12 pin 17 pole male and female m12 connector such as A-coded sensor connector, B-coded fieldbus connector for profibus and interbus, C-coded, D-coded connector for industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Ethernet IP and EtherCat and X-coded high-speed 10Gbit rugged industrial Ethernet connector. These m12 connectors are classified as field wireable/installable/attachable, molding type, panel mounting type and they are widely used in automation sensor and actuator, industry ethernet cable connection.

M12 connector, made by international standard, number of cores has 3 pin 4 pin 5 pin 8 pin,12 pin 17 pin. According to international standards, it is used in various fields and is one of the major electronic components connecting power and signal. 

M12 circular connector with a high signal integrity and excellent performance is a type of high standard connector conforming to the European Union standard. 

M12 waterproof connectors, combining characteristics of power cable and data cable, with the characteristics of little occupied area and reducing the cost of installation, are suitable for process automatic control and industrial application, automation equipment, electronic equipment, electronic instrumentation, sensors, commercial transportation, and military/aerospace applications. 

Using 4 / 5 contact m12 connector, each contact is able to carry the highest current 4A, and 6 / 8 position m12 connector's pin can carry 2A current, 12 pole / 17 pole m12 connectors' pin can carry 1.5A current.

Overmolded m12 connector cable is made by injection molding technology and it can ensure perfect IP67 seal class and provide the reliable stress relieving capacity. 

Classified according to outline shape: circular electric connector (also divided into M12 connector, M8 connectors), rectangle electric connector (overloaded connector). 

M12 connectors have the effect of signal connection between all kinds of instruments and equipment. 

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M12 Circular Connectors, Screw Terminals, 3 Pin Male Connector

M12 Circular Connectors, Screw Terminals, 3 Pin Male Connector

Connector Series: M12. Gender: Male. Coding: A-Coding. Contacts: 3 pins. Cable outlet: 4-6 mm.

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