HDMI to 90 ° micro HD cable
  • HDMI to 90 ° micro HD cable
HDMI to 90 ° micro HD cable

HDMI to 90 ° micro HD cable

Part Number:
HDMI to 90 ° micro HD cable
HDMI male to micro up bend
General Description:
Straight head left and right bending micro HDMI to HDM female HD adapter elbow micro HDMI adapter Length: 0.15m/custom Direction: left / right / up / down / straight Outer diameter: 4.2mm Core: 14 + 1 pure copper

Product Description

Technical indicators: the Standard Version 1.4 supports HDMI mode below 1.3, and is compatible with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2A and 1.2b modes

It is mainly used in the video and audio signal transmission of plasma TV, LCD TV, rear projection TV, projector, DVD player, projector, D-VHS recorder, digital camera, projector and digital audio-visual display equipment.

Product advantages:

*Better anti-interference performance, can achieve 20 meters long gain free transmission.

*For large-scale digital flat panel TV resolution optimization, good compatibility.

*It supports EDID (Note 1) and ddc2b (Note 2) standards, and can intelligently select the best matching connection mode between devices.

*It has a strong copyright protection mechanism (HDCP) to effectively prevent piracy.

*Support 24bit color depth processing, (RGB, ycbcr4-4-4, ycbcr4-2-2).

*The interface volume is small, all kinds of equipment can be installed easily.

*It can reduce the cost of using one digital cable and video transmission.

*Fully compatible with DVI interface standard, users need not worry about the mismatch between the old and new systems.

*Support hot plug technology.


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