M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield
  • M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield
M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield

M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield

Part Number:
M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield
FLECONN can supply high quality male and female m12 17 Pole connector, for industry automation and robot connection solutions.
General Description:
Connector type: M12. Gender: male. Coded: A-Coded. Contacts: 17 pole. Cable outlet: PG9. Wiring method: solder terminals. Enclosure Shape: Straight

Product Description

M12 17 Pole Male Connector With Shield

FLECONN can supply high quality m12 17 pole male connector with shield with solder terminals for industrial automation sensor and actuator connection system.

M12 Connector Part Number Coding Rule for Ordering



①Model series:  M5, M8, M12, M16

②Housing code:  A, B, D, X, T, S code

③Connector gender:  F (Female), M (Male)

Wiring method:  FW (Field Wireable)

⑤Enclosure shape:  ST (Straight), RA(Right Angle)

Shell material:  MS (Metal Shield), PS (Plastic Cover)

⑦Housing number:  03P-3 pin, 04P-4 Pin, 05P-5Pin, 06P-6Pin , 08P-8 Pin, 12P-12 Pin, 17P-17 Pin

mode of connection:  SC (Screw Terminals), SD (Solder Terminals)

⑨Cable Outlets:  PG7 (4-6mm), PG9 (6-8mm)

m12 17 pin connector

M12 17 Pin Male Connector with shield plug with PG9 cable

1. The product Features for m12 17 Pole male connector with shield.

Connector Series: M12 Circular interface. 

Gender: male. 

Coded: A-Coded

Contacts: 17 pole. 

Shieding: Metal shell shielding

Terminations: Solder terminations

2. The Mechanical and Electrical Characters for m12 17 pole male connector with shield

Connector locking system:screw thread

Wire gauge (mm) 0.14 mm² 

Wire gauge (AWG) 26 

Cable outlet: 6- 8 mm (PG9)

Degree of protection IP67 

Mechanical operation> 100 mating cycles 

Upper temperature85 °C Lower temperature-40 °C 

Rated voltage 30 V 

Rated impulse voltage 250 V 

Pollution degree 

Overvoltage category II 

Material group III 

Rated current (40°C) 0.5A 

Volume resistivity≤ 3 mΩ (Gold) 

Material of contactCuZn (Brass) 

Contact platingCuSnZn (Optaloy)

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M12 Connectors in the company of FLECONN China


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