Custom Connector Developing

Are you upset about the prolonged product development cycle and long delivery period from international brand connector manufacturers (eg Tyco / AMP, Molex, Amphenol, FCI, Samtac, Phoenix, HARTING, ERNI, binder)?Connector Suppliers and Clients.jpg

If yes, we can help you remove these distresses. FLECONN can provide rapid electrical connector development and design, prototype manufacturing and testing. The samples were rapidly presented to you to confirm, thus the new developed connector will quickly enter into mass production. At the same time, your new products also can be launched into market quickly.

Do you feel heartache with the expensive prices of electrical connectors coming from international brand connector manufacturers?

If your purchasing volume is very large, the prices from these first-tier connector manufacturers can not be fallen down and you can also ask us to develop this connector for you. We can develop the connector whose quality is comparable with the original product. Or according to your application, we design the connector that is more in line with the applications of your product, thus it greatly reduces your overall purchasing costs and other potential costs by seeking for cooperating with you.

Do you worry about your newly developed products that will soon be duplicated by your market competitors yet?

If you are worried, you might consider developing some new connectors and new connectivity solutions, we only give you an exclusive supply. The unique connection between client and host allows you to firmly grasp the customers. For example, Apple company developed ligntning connector for his iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad series products, other competitors couldn't use this connector into their devices. Thus it prevent his customer from choosing other imitation.

Are you deeply troubled by finding the ideal connectors?

Sometimes, the standard connection solution may not be consistent with your requirements. Unique application and equipments are in needs of specially-made electric connector. But now the manufacturers and consumers have many different kinds of choice for electrical connectors, if you can't find the products that can meet your demand, you can choose to custom connectors. Customized connectors are specially designed and manufactured to comply with the concrete specifications you need, thus you can adjust the equipment's characteristic, performance, model and so on. You can make minor changes for existing products, and also can create new products. If you want us to develop a custom made connectors, you need to consider the following factors: 

Complexity: the custom connector can be used by existing standard connector design and make a little change. Sometimes it needs to be fully customized unique design. we can create new features and design elements based on customer's application devices. So what uniqueness and complexity your custom connector will show?

Specifications and shapes: considering the width and length of the equipment , you can determine the applicable connector specifications. You can also  design unique shape connector according to your equipment. What are your requirements for specifications and shapes?

Features: To take the characteristics of the equipment into consideration, Whether you need to use the connector in harsh environments? Whether you need to give priority to strength and durability? Whether you need to include the function of key design to prevent errors matching? Is it the crucial factors that the connector keeps matching and Docking(for example, whether it will use in the medical device concerning life and death for patients)? 

Production cycle:you may have realized that the time of connector production is depended on the complexity of connector design. If you make a tiny change in standard connector, then two weeks delivery time (the time from submit orders to product delivery) should be enough. If the product needs to have many unique features, it will increase the difficulty of production, you may need to wait for three to five months. 

Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) : each product needs to have one-off research, development, design and testing costs, that is one-time project cost (NRE). As the same with production cycle, NRE is also depended on the complexity of custom products. If the change is bigger, cost is higher. If your budget is limited, you can discuss design requirements with manufacturer and see if there are any adjust to save cost.

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ): if you want to buy customized connectors, so it is important to remember that, most companies have a higher MOQ (usually 100 pieces or more), but also there are some companies with a low minimum order quantity. Therefore,  you may need to do some search to find a relatively loose company.

If you cannot find what you need a series of standard connector type, then you can create your own custom connectors!!!! You may need to spend some extra time and money, but in this way, you can ensure that the connector can perfectly match with your application equipments.

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